Need to pay a hold?

How Do I Pay My Invoice/Inclusive Access Hold?

1. Log into your Pipeline email

2. To find your invoice, type "INVOICE" in the search bar

3. When you find the invoice, click on it to open it

4. iN THE INVOICE, Scroll to find the “Review and Pay” option & pay

Your hold will be released by THE end of day on the day you pay. The Campus Store is closed weekends. Any payments made online after 4pm on Friday & weekends will be released Monday morning in the order in which they are received.

How do I pay with a Textbook Grant/SBCC Promise?

Grants will not be available to use for textbooks until 1/9/23!

To pay with a grant after 1/9/23 proceed to select the books required for your course. At check out, select A/R Grants and enter your K# (without the K) your grant should come up as a payment option.

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