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student jobs

Student Jobs

The Campus Bookstore provides flexible employment for over 30 students which includes a 10% discount on required textbooks during their first year of employment and after their first year students qualify for the textbook scholarship program which covers 100% of their required textbook expenses. Student employees also receive a 30 % discount on clothing, gifts, and supplies

SBCC Campus Bookstore Mission Statement

The Bookstore supports the mission of SBCC by providing course materials, supplies, and merchandise in cost efficient, easily accessible formats. The Bookstore is committed to providing exceptional customer service and high quality products while partnering with campus constituents to achieve mutual goals. Furthermore, the Bookstore endeavors to grow and expand future services and to operate a financially responsible business that invests back into SBCC in support of student programs and activities. SBCC's Bookstore is also committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our community. This department strives to make our customers feel a sense of belonging by providing products that are high quality familiar, fairly priced and sustainable.