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Required for NURS 162 CRN section: 59709

Single head Stethoscope stethoscope, ID tag, Blood pressure cuff (Adult), Pain scale assessment card, Disposable penlight, ECG caliper (Black), ECG ruler, Enema set, Suction catheter kit 12Fr with a pair of latex-free gloves, (10) Alcohol prep pads, (3) Elastic bandage (2" x 5"; Latex Free), (3) Stretch gauze bandage 3", (2) ABD ad (5" x 9"; Non-Sterile), (2) Gauze sponge (4" x 4"; 10/Pack), Paper tape (1" x 10 yards), Dressing change tray / ABD Pad, Central line dressing tray with tegaderm (Latex Free), Irrigation tray with 60 mL bulb syringe, Gastric sump tube 14Fr, (5) Cotton tipped applicator (10/Pack), Tongue depressor, Personal protection kit, Tracheostomy care tray (Latex Free), Pair of surgical gloves 7.5 (Latex), Digital thermometer, Bandage scissor 5 1/2", Kelly forceps 5 1/2" (Curved), IV start kit baxter, CLEARLINK IV administration set, Gait belt with metal buckle (White), Closed insert foley tray 14Fr, Tote Bag (Black) 01-12-825-BLACK